Luigi & Nidra



"Since 1986, Luigi and Nidra have regularly come to Vulcano, until they finally decided in 1997 to live on the island. They don’t only rent scooters and cars, but also trekking equipment and they organize individual guided tours through the island. Their love to this island shows in the many different projects they have realized, like the restoration of the first old street Vulcano’s (antica via reale), which used to connect the port to Vulcano Piano and has been for over 40 years forgotten under the brambles.


They also restored with their own means a small street in the center of Vulcano porto, promoting an artistic project between local artists and school children to bring back to life this abandoned place.


Luigi and Nidra are also engaged in social projects like the making of the first library of the island, to give young people and the whole community, the opportunity, specially in the wintertime, to borrow books.


Tourists who want to discover and find out more about the beauties of this island, shouldn’t be afraid to apply to Luigi and Nidra.“ 


Jeremy N.



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